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dark matter is here!!!
Tue Jun 30, 2015, 7:37 PM
Tue May 26, 2015, 8:31 PM
Bwaaaaaaa~ :meow:
Mon May 25, 2015, 6:16 AM
Fri Apr 17, 2015, 9:01 AM
Fri Mar 27, 2015, 9:44 PM
Umm Hello.
Sat Apr 26, 2014, 5:58 PM
I have a though that could make me sound insane.
Tue Jul 23, 2013, 11:50 PM
Hello! Your work is adorable.
Sat Jun 15, 2013, 11:32 PM
Hio LS Bro:D
Fri Apr 27, 2012, 4:28 PM
Mon Nov 28, 2011, 7:21 PM
Hey, notin' much
Mon Nov 21, 2011, 7:14 PM
Hey LuigiStar! What's up my Favorite Artist!
Sun Nov 20, 2011, 4:42 PM
LS your drawing is awesome:D
Tue Oct 4, 2011, 6:20 AM
Way Pass Cool:D
Tue Oct 4, 2011, 5:32 AM
Sat Aug 27, 2011, 5:58 PM
Hey, man!
Sat Apr 30, 2011, 10:03 AM
Wed Apr 27, 2011, 4:42 PM
what up?
Tue Apr 26, 2011, 4:23 PM
Mon Mar 21, 2011, 4:14 PM
Mon Mar 14, 2011, 3:01 PM
Hey, there. Got something upcoming this month.

So, now that it's been 30 whole years since Super Mario Bros. was released to the public, I'd thought that I might challenge myself a bit to celebrate this "rare" occasion.

I've decided, before August ends, I'll be sketching group pictures of the 17 mainstream Super Mario games released to this year, from when the Mario Bros. became Super, to the SMB2 cast in the Sprixie Kingdom with cat suits, including the main cast, enemies and items called Moment of Super Mario. Might be tiring to do, but someone's gotta do it. Seeing is how I haven't sketched anything in a while, it's a good way to force myself to get back to that. Might send it to Let's Super Mario! if I'm lucky.

List of Games:

Super Mario Bros.: MOSM - Super Mario Bros. by LuigiStar445
Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels: MOSM - Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels by LuigiStar445
Super Mario Bros. 2/USA:MOSM - Super Mario Bros. 2/USA by LuigiStar445
Super Mario Bros. 3: MOSM - Super Mario Bros. 3 by LuigiStar445
Super Mario Land: MOSM - Super Mario Land by LuigiStar445
Super Mario World: MOSM - Super Mario World by LuigiStar445
Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins: MOSM - Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins by LuigiStar445
Super Mario 64: MOSM - Super Mario 64 by LuigiStar445
Super Mario Sunshine: MOSM - Super Mario Sunshine by LuigiStar445
New Super Mario Bros: MOSM - New Super Mario Bros by LuigiStar445
Super Mario Galaxy: *COMPLETED SKETCH*
New Super Mario Bros. Wii: *COMPLETED SKETCH*
Super Mario Galaxy 2: *COMPLETED SKETCH*
Super Mario 3D Land: *COMPLETED SKETCH*
New Super Mario Bros. 2: *COMPLETED SKETCH*
New Super Mario Bros. U: *COMPLETED SKETCH*
Super Mario 3D World: *COMPLETED SKETCH*

All leading up to:
Super Mario Maker in September.

Here's some pictures to see what I've started:

Well, I'll wish myself good luck on this.
'Till next time!
  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Super Mario All-Stars - SMB Overworld
  • Playing: Super Mario All-Stars
Might as well do this questionnaire.

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
For about 6 years, now since early 2009 and I've just submitted over 600 deviations, what are the odds?

2. What does your username mean?
A mash-up of my favorite Mario character (Luigi) and item (Super Star/Starman). The 4s and 5 where my favorite numbers at the time.

3. Describe yourself in three words.
Energetic, Shy and Optimistic

4. Are you left or right handed?

Right. Who what's to waste time with their left?

5. What was your first deviation?
Super Mario Bros. 2 Mario by LuigiStar445
If you compare THAT to this:
SM - Surfing Shell by LuigiStar445 would already know that I was not the artistic type.

6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

Mostly fanart, though I do like to draw something original once in a while, but I usually like to create a funny scenario using characters in a certain series and making sure that it fits.

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

Still, cartoons, but more digitally detailed. Sometimes, I feel like I'm outdated from the other digital artists in this site. So, I'll just wait 'till college comes by and levels me up.

8. What was your first favourite?

the classic Mario by Dogsfather
Was impressed by how he captured the look of the arcade. So, I favorited it.

9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
Fanart, why?

10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
Too many to list...

11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
There were a few people I've already met (namely :iconfaisaladen: and :iconthebourgyman:), but if the chances are high, these folks will do nicely: :iconagentc-24:, :icontopperhay:, :icongranitoons:, :iconearthvsthederek:, :iconjuacoproductionsarts:, :iconnintendrawer:, :iconallstarman:, :iconjullamox:, :iconbluebottleflyer: and... that's just a third of my list.

12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
You gotta thank these two for that: :iconyoshiman1118: and :icondoodley:. If they didn't show their humor, I won't gotten my interest to make people laugh by my cartoons as they did now.

13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
My trusty pencil, pen, pencil crayons, papers, scanner and Paint.NET. Sorry, no Photoshop yet...

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
Just me, my room and my music.

15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
My birthdays last year and this year. Thanks, much, guys!

Well, I'm done.

  • Mood: Daily Needs
  • Listening to: Super Mario All-Stars - SMB Overworld
  • Playing: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D

With Super Mario Maker coming up, which Mario game style would you use the most? 

15 deviants said Super Mario World
8 deviants said New Super Mario Bros. U
5 deviants said Super Mario Bros. 3
3 deviants said Super Mario Bros.


Isiah "I." Brown
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I'm just your average cartoonist-in-training who's main goal is to make people laugh. When I'm not drawing, you might see me being into video games and acting silly.

"Play fair, and you'll get more then you expected."

"Because when it comes to friends like these, you don't have to choose between good and evil; you just are." -StacheBros


Line Art
CM - Water Weight by LuigiStar445
CM - Sumo Mom by LuigiStar445
Scan10839L by LuigiStar445
Simple line piece with a white background.

Donate 50 pts. for every additional character.
Monochrome Art
CM - Tia by LuigiStar445
A piece using only black or white and one color.

Donate an additional 100 pts. for each additional character.
Flat Color Art
Slapstick Sibs '14 by LuigiStar445
DLN-001 Rock 'Mega Man' Light by LuigiStar445
TH - Reimu Hakurei by LuigiStar445
A piece fully colored, flatted.

Donate an additional 100pts. for each additional character.

Donate an additional 400pts. for a simple background.

Donate an additional 800pts. for a hand drawn background.
Shaded Art
SM - Surfing Shell by LuigiStar445
CM - Free Poke Diving by LuigiStar445
CM - Fashsion Queen's Swimwear by LuigiStar445
A piece fully colored and shaded.

Donate an additional 100pts. for each additional character.

Donate an additional 400pts. for a simple background.

Donate an additional 800pts. for a hand drawn background.
Shaded and Lighted Art
MM - Artifical Heroicness by LuigiStar445
JnS - SSB64 Jardo by LuigiStar445
CM - Sugar and Chocolate Filling by LuigiStar445
A piece fully colored, shaded and lighted.

Donate an additional 100 pts. for each additional character.

Donate an additional 400pts. for a simple background.

Donate an additional 800pts. for a hand drawn background.
Simple Background (Optional)
SM - Simply Super Mario by LuigiStar445
JnS - Third Dimension Un-Requirement/Friend Code by LuigiStar445
The Half-Genie Heroine by LuigiStar445
Having your background looking simplistic. (Shape, gradient, pattern, etc.)
Hand-Drawn Background (Optional)
SM - Surfing Shell by LuigiStar445
GAWGD3 - Greenhouse Raid by LuigiStar445
Soaking Up in the Sunshine by LuigiStar445
Having your background completely hand-drawn to the core.

Status and Progress

1: :icongouldenfoxy: Mmpb1 by LuigiStar445 Button - Paid by happy-gurl
2: :icontdwinnerfordinner: Mmpb1 by LuigiStar445 Button - Paid by happy-gurl
3: :iconsoulcrystal: Mmpb1 by LuigiStar445 Button - Paid by happy-gurl

Art Trades: *CLOSED!*
1: :iconjuacoproductionsarts: Mmpb1 by LuigiStar445
2: :iconnyxenavenger: Mmpb1 by LuigiStar445

:iconhigh-on-fairydust:  Mmpb3  by LuigiStar445
:icondaysdays:  Mmpb3  by LuigiStar445
:iconmegaphilx:  Mmpb3  by LuigiStar445
:iconwhite-jacketed-fool:  Mmpb3  by LuigiStar445
:iconcratedcheese: Mmpb7 by LuigiStar445 (Completed)
:iconhcbk:  Mmpb3  by LuigiStar445
:iconkenshinmeowth:  Mmpb3  by LuigiStar445
:iconangelthecatgirl: Mmpb1 by LuigiStar445
:iconpizzaburgers: Mmpb1 by LuigiStar445
:iconsanone:  Mmpb3  by LuigiStar445
:iconnyxenavenger:  Mmpb3  by LuigiStar445
:iconeldoradopupster: Mmpb1 by LuigiStar445
:icongrim-kun: Mmpb1 by LuigiStar445
:iconzavraan:  Mmpb3  by LuigiStar445
:iconthekirbykrisis: Mmpb1 by LuigiStar445
:icondarkicedragon17:  Mmpb3  by LuigiStar445
:iconvendant:  Mmpb3  by LuigiStar445
:icondimensional-expander:  Mmpb3  by LuigiStar445
:iconproffesorsqueaks: Mmpb1 by LuigiStar445
:iconaxlegrease-75: Mmpb1 by LuigiStar445
:iconearthvsthederek: Mmpb1 by LuigiStar445
:iconmildconcussion: Mmpb2 by LuigiStar445
:icondollwoman: Mmpb2 by LuigiStar445
Art Jams/Collabs:

Lots o' stamps

I Take a Long Time To Do Shit by DSMeatteTom and Jerry stamp - commish by rainbeosLooney Tunes Stamp by dA--bogeyman
Super Mario stamp by angelasamshiDA Stamp - So Many Ideas... by phantompantherRen N Stimpy Stamp by darkest-light
Luigi: More than a sidekick by LiMT-ArtBeing Childish Stamp by CreativenessSpongebob Squarepants Stamp by BagToon
Bonkers Stamp by ToonfreakStupid Ketchup by xBramblestarxFave Without Comment Stamp by Hunter-Arkaman
Nostalgic Person Stamp by Hunter-ArkamanI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateJumping on the bandwagon by jwaltz
Feedback Love by Luishi17I draw what I want stamp by izka197Dont need to be popular Stamp by DragoN-FX
Kirby Stamp by nakashimarikuSTAMP-Sonic 016 by NoNamepjeSonic Generations Stamp by Dbzbabe
Sonic is Sonic by ARTic-WeatherSketch Stamp by MichaelCrichlowSqueaky Clean Sonic Fanartist by Powerwing-Amber
Mario Kart: DOUBLE DASH Stamp by Powerwing-AmberSqueaky Clean Tails Fanartist by Powerwing-AmberToon Artist Stamp by Toonfreak
Gamer Stamp animated by elfofcourageYoung Amy Rose Stamp by Karmarsi-KedamokiAmy stamp by SonyaLS
SpongeBob STAMP by rickyricoClassic spongebob stamp by charlene-stampsPRO New SpongeBob Stamp by Coonfoot
Silly Yoshi Stamp by Latte3000Yoshi Stamp 2 by KevfinSuper Mario World stamp by 5-3-10-4
Sonic the Hedgehog 1991 Stamp by KevfinSonic the Hedgehog 2 Stamp by KevfinSonic the Hedgehog 3 Stamp by Kevfin
Sonic CD Stamp by KevfinSonic And Knuckles Stamp by Kevfin
Sonic 4 Stamp by LinkMasterXPClassic Sonic Stamp by PFV0-StampTimon and Pumbaa Stamp by Hunter-Arkaman
The Mr. Men Show Stamp by LoudNoisesSuper Mario Kart Stamp by Teeter-EchidnaYoshi's Story Stamp by StampPKU
Nintendo Fan Stamp I by darkdisciple-stampsSuper Smash Stamp by KyllianLuigi's Mansion Fan Stamp. by Rock-Raider
New Super Mario Bros U Stamp by KevfinMario Paint Stamp by StampPKUYoshi's Cookie Stamp by StampPKU
Wario's Woods Stamp by StampPKUYoshi's Island Stamp by StampPKUBanjo-Kazooie Stamp by silveramysaurus07
Hammer Bro Stamp by Teeter-EchidnaINVINCIBLE STAMP by goblinarmyWhere To? by odindesign
Luigi is Win STAMP by FJLinkOMG- Oh my growth by prosaixOld School Video Gamer Stamp by dA--bogeyman
Super Mario Series Stamps : Super Mario Bros NES by KevfinSuper Mario Series Stamps : The Lost Levels by KevfinSuper Mario Series Stamps : Super Mario Bros 3 by Kevfin
Donkey Kong Country stamp by ShinyCharizardDonkey Kong Country 2 Stamp by conkeronineDonkey Kong Country 3 Stamp by conkeronine
.Donkey Kong Country Returns. by DJ990JDKC TV Show Stamp by conkeronineStamp Super Mario all stars by ilaaaria
Pro-Old-and-New Tunes Stamp by CoonfootStamp 02 - no God but God by FullWhiteMoon
Where did all the comments go? by LebrechtMY ONE AND ONLY STAMPPPP by pumpkyn:thumb140513890:
Wishful Thinking by whispwillnocturnal artist eh... by AxiasAlexaNight owl by prosaix
Art at 3 AM by blackdahliaI REFUSE Stamp by RoxyOblivionGimme more sleep by prosaix
I support ignoring by prosaixFavorite Stamp by Ravechu
I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31dI Love Weekends Stamp by Mirz123I Hate Mondays Stamp by Mirz123
Not the Only One by fear-the-brillianceHate Artist's Block Stamp by fear-the-brillianceSTOOPID stamp by inkscripter
The Gallery Stamp by BusirisOpen your Mind Stamp by quazoWhat is an Artist? by Neikoish
Friendship stamp by JinZhanI support writing English by FragileReveriesSTAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz
pluto:STAMP: by XxdarknayruxXFav and RUN 2 - stamp by JWiesnerI Know Stamp - Revamped by EvilSaku
it mocks me by ajCorzaI Respect All Art Stamp Revamp by Sinister-StarfeeshStudying Stamp by Kezzi-Rose
dA - I'm Lovin' It Stamp by Drake1Proud to be here Stamp by Drake1Game Grumps by windwakers
Super Mario Land stamp by 5-3-10-4No way out stamp by dfmurciaOUTA MY FUCKING WAY by Ry-Spirit
Childhood Stamp by WetWithRainTHIS IS PATRICK by ToastersToastToastI Love Tetris Attack Stamp by Powerwing-Amber
Mario's Answer by Mariofan9Super Mario Sunshine Stamp Two by MandiR2000s Nostalgia by SA948-Stamps
Computer Addict Stamp by fear-the-brillianceI Like Shiny Things by samplane123:thumb312601820:
Euvoria Siren Stamp by KphoriaFemale Inflation stamp by InflatorpillSTAMP: You Don't Say? by Emotikonz
CatDog by Stalker-for-HireWitch Doctor :D by HarukaWindEd Edd N Eddy Stamp by Lentertament
Patrick Nomnomnom by Fyi-SusI wish life had Stamp by Tripp-X-FoxxWii: Stamp by JazzaX
GameBoy Color: Stamp by JazzaXGameCube: Stamp by JazzaXNintendo 3Ds: Stamp by JazzaX
NES: Stamp by JazzaXWii U Stamp by KevfinSherlock: Stamp by JazzaX
Fork You: Stamp by JazzaX:thumb70146667:Seventh-day Adventist Stamp by jacquelynvansant
Note Stamp by SoVeryUnofficialStamp - Rabbit or Duck Season? by YukiMizuno
Listening to Music stamp by QueenNekoyashaTruefax by Mintaka-TKMario Soundtracks Stamp by lila79
Dr. Mario Cover Art by ImFeelingStampityOld School SMB by ImFeelingStampityOld School NES by ImFeelingStampity
Tetris Stamp by cirruswolfSTAMP WILE E. COYOTE by CRAZYGRAFIXFast and Furious by deviantdash
Super Mario 64 Stamp by StampPKUSuper Mario Sunshine Stamp Two by MandiR
Retro Gamer Stamp by Sora05come get me by someth1ngw1ckedStamp - Old Disney Love by KatWithKnives
Stamp: Luigi's Mansion 2 by ShendijiroChristian Music Stamp by AleximusPrimeStamp-I'll Pray For You by Jazzy-C-Oaks
Stamp-Know The Master by Jazzy-C-OaksWhere are you, men of courage? by RebiValeskaTrue Meaning Of Love by RebiValeska
Open Skies by impersonalinfoChrist died for all by Danilee3240Mega Man NES Title Screen Stamp by captainfranko
Rockman classic stamp by Cthulhu432Canada Stamp by l8Mario and Luigi RPG 3 Stamp by StampPKU
Mario And Luigi Dream Team Stamp by KevfinWarioWare Smooth Moves Stamp by StampPKUGoof Troop Stamp by StampPKU
DA Stamp - Video Games 01 by tppgraphicsWeight gain and inflation by Zombie-SpartanAnother Stamp: Three Stooges by NotSoFluent
Groucho Marx Stamp by DrFurball1st Generation Robot Master by MikubaStampBombman Stamp by captainfranko
Elecman Stamp by captainfrankoIceman Stamp by captainfrankoCutman Stamp by captainfranko
Fireman Stamp by captainfrankoGoemon stamp by BonJiroKickline Stamp by LoudNoises
Shadow Blade, come forth by MikubaStampOilman Stamp by MorganCluelessGoatTime Man Stamp by Chenanigans
2nd Generation Robot Master by MikubaStampQuickman by MikubaStampMetalman by MikubaStamp
Crashman by MikubaStampWoodman by MikubaStampAirman by MikubaStamp
Heatman by MikubaStampFlashman by MikubaStamp3rd Generation Robot Master by MikubaStamp
Geminiman by MikubaStampTopman by MikubaStampMagnetman by MikubaStamp
Sparkman by MikubaStampShadowman by MikubaStampSnakeman by MikubaStampHardman by MikubaStamp

Even MOAR stamps

Megaman 3 stamp by zavraan5th Generation Robot Master by MikubaStampstarman stamp by 3DSupermario
Gyro Man Stamp by Eye-Of-DeidaraGravity Man Stamp by Eye-Of-DeidaraCrystal Man Stamp by Eye-Of-Deidara
9th Generation Robot Master by MikubaStampTornado Man Stamp by Eye-Of-Deidara+FABULOUS+ Jewelman Stamp by kurokoryu
Splash Woman Stamp by Eye-Of-DeidaraGalaxy Man Stamp by Eye-Of-Deidara:thumb425035241:
Hotel Megaman Stamp by MetalShadowOverlordRoll Stamp by TuxedoMoroboshiMegaman X stamp. by RadioactivePopTart
X and Zero BFFs by XX-MidnightSonic X by SuperheroGeek13WarioWare: D.I.Y. Stamp by TheLupineOne
Wander Over Yonder Logo Stamp by TaffytaMuttonfudgeTouhou Project fan stamp by Tea-StrawberryDr Cossack stamp by Tiquitoc
x_. Horton Stamp ._x by BreetoSMG4 stamp by emerugaInvader Zim stamp by pantheon9000
Canadian Stereotype 1 by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeAmerican Stereotypes 2 by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeI love rainy days by stardixa-resources
Castlevania stamp by NoiryJim Carrey Fan Stamp by nirmanMegaman Fan Stamp (Request) by JamarMcCall
.:Darkwing Duck stamp 2:. by dannyphantom300Megavolt Stamp by KeliiPerfectionist Stamp by ERHBuggy
Don Bluth by MissBeastieNinja Turtles 4 TURTLES IN TIME Stamp by conkeroninePunch-Out!! stamp by hayluwolf
.:Mega Man 2 (NES):. by RaineSageRocksMoonlit Night Stamp by SeioraiWinter Stamp by Werxzy
I Love The Night by TheLoveTrainSTAMP: Reimu Hakurei by mobbostampsSTAMP: Marisa Kirisame by mobbostamps
STAMP: Sakuya Izayoi by mobbostampsSTAMP: Youmu Konpaku by mobbostampsSTAMP: Cirno by mobbostamps
STAMP: Flandre Scarlet by mobbostampsSTAMP: Alice Margatroid by mobbostampsSTAMP: Suika Ibuki by mobbostamps
STAMP: Wriggle Nightbug by mobbostampsSTAMP: Mystia Lorelei by mobbostampsSTAMP: Keine Kamishirasawa by mobbostamps
STAMP: EX-Keine by mobbostampsSTAMP: Tewi Inaba by mobbostampsSTAMP: Reisen Udongein Inaba by mobbostamps
STAMP: Kaguya Houraisan by mobbostampsSTAMP: Fujiwara no Mokou by mobbostampsSTAMP: Aya Shameimaru by mobbostamps
STAMP: Yuka Kazami by mobbostampsSTAMP: Sanae Kotiya by mobbostampsSTAMP: Kanako Yasaka by mobbostamps
STAMP: Suwako Moriya by mobbostampsSTAMP: Yuugi Hoshiguma by mobbostampsSTAMP: Komachi Onozuka by mobbostamps
STAMP: Sikieiki Yamaxanadu by mobbostampsSTAMP: Nitori Kawashiro by mobbostampsThe Legend of Zelda 25th Anniversary stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria
Brentalfloss Stamp by Link-PikachuTheRunawayGuys by MarlenesstampsCats Don't Dance by stampsnstuff
CDD Stamp by Soranu2D Support Stamp by TrouncedInkblot-Love Stamp by brainsister
Earthworm Jim Stamp by StampPKUWarioWare Stamp by ThellsStampsLink stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria
Koji Kondo Stamp by Comic-Rayzelda ocarina of time stamp by XiahismDonkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Stamp by conkeronine
Rhythm Heaven Stamp by hamzieRain stamp by Yoshi-chuI love music by Kavel-WB
I love snow. by i-stampI have too many Messages by Dragon-of-MidnightYes, I am. by KittyGreenEyes
.:Bubble Bobble (Arcade):. by RaineSageRocksPuzzle Bobble Stamp by MaoOtterTimbre Kirby Triple Deluxe by LeDrBenji
Electro Swing by Miss-DicessDucktales Remastered Stamp by lapraskingAnimaniacs by phantom
Tiny Toon Stamp by MeckelFoxStudioFreakazoid stamp by Jo-sanMickey Mouse 2013 Stamp by TBalazs2000
'Street Fighter' Stamp by Formula-UK


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